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Beijing has become even tougher in regulating the internet during 2017. The “China Cyber Administration” and other government departments have released an avalanche of new rules and guidelines for the management of IT systems and the way in which we access and use the internet. In addition, the uncertainty around the use of VPN connections, massive new surveillance capabilities and the way in which of all of this ties in with industrial policy are making the business community wary of what lies ahead.
On the other hand, major data breaches in China and globally plus the relatively carefree and unprotected flow of personal data clearly demand action. Does Beijing have a persuasive solution? Time to make this the topic of our monthly chamber meeting. We have invited a number of experts from the IT and legal community to help us make sense of the current developments and share their views of what companies and individuals can expect and what they might have to do.


Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai
3rd floor Pudong Ballroom, No.1388 HuaMu Road, Pudong, Shanghai, 201204

Shanghai, China

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