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CNY is coming close, and this is usually the time in which companies will hold their annual assessments and appraisals for their staff. This is also the time when the employee leaving frequency is the highest. This is an important time to speak about practical approaches in assessment and move away from the superficial talks many companies have with their staff. If those are to be successfully implemented assessment tools need to be integrated with interviews and decision making processes.

Ms. Miriam Wickertsheim from the company Direct HR will review the latest development trends in salary developments and also provide with hands on example what big difference there is in terms of motivation for a single employee. We will review how assessment can contribute to employee development, career planning and ultimately retaining your most talented employees. Usually a company will offer more money, a higher title or payment of a MBA degree in the hope of retaining their key staff. However, it is not possible for all companies to feed the circle of more and more money and on the other hand its not always what really would motivate their employees to stay. We will look at a few examples and together work out what could be the alternatives.

Mr. Ralph Koppitz, will discuss employee retention from a legal perspective, including:
• optimizing labor contacts to increase protection against departures
• non-compete and confidentiality clauses and their (difficult) enforcement
• training agreements and related loyalty periods
• employee inventions and other intellectual property related aspects
• AND: additional aspects to be considered under the new Anti-Unfair Competition Law, effective January 1, 2018