Jan 30, 2018 (6:30 PM - 9 PM)

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The IoT Decision Framework - A Guide to Developing & Deploying IoT Solutions
The greatest challenge of managing an Internet of Things (IoT) solution is that there are five layers in the IoT technology stack, and decisions need to be made at each layer by multiple stakeholders. The IoT Decision Framework puts you in control of your IoT strategy. The framework was developed by Daniel Elizalde, a thought leader in IoT Product Management and lecturer for the most popular course in the history of Stanford University's Continuing Studies Program.

This workshop distills all the decisions you need to make into an easy-to-use framework—including all 5 layers of the IoT technology stack and 6 key decision areas. In the workshop, you will get hands-on experience using the IoT Decision Workbook by ideating an IoT product or project.

The discussion will cover:
  • The 5 layers of the IoT technology stack (Device hardware, Device software, Communications, Cloud platform, Cloud applications)
  • The 6 key decision areas (UX, Data, Business, Technology, Security, Standards & Regulations)
  • A deep dive into challenges related to the rapidly evolving areas of connectivity and regulations
  • Practical application of the framework

Language: English

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